Enterprise and resilience

"We have called upon GMV to provide support to funded organisations facing complex challenges, providing expert advice on governance, business models, funding, communications, operations and developing skills/capabilities. They are skilled in working within multi-stakeholder environments and understand the subtleties of operating alongside both funder and funded organisation." Kath Davis, Director of Investment and Funding Services, Arts Council of Wales

We help arts, cultural and media enterprises become more enterprising and resilient.

Working with policymakers and funders

We are on the Arts Council England framework of financial advisors and are advisors on the Arts Council Wales resilience programme. We have worked with a range of organisations from galleries to music services, reviewing revenue funding and supporting organisations undergoing significant change.

Strategies and business plans

We start by identifying opportunities to serve existing and potential new users, customers, audiences, visitors… better.

We work with you to develop propositions to address these opportunities – whether for one project, product, service or experience, or for a whole enterprise.

This leads onto a clear and rigorous strategy and business plan to deliver these propositions – with evidence from market and audience research and financial benchmarking.

Along the way, we often uncover hidden value in your intellectual property and other intangible assets – and help you find new agile ways of working across your organisation and with partners.

Communications, marketing & audience development

We collaborate to develop communications and branding which promote the value of each organisation as a whole; design ways to deepen relationships with existing audiences and engage new ones; and use all media – digital and physical – to market experiences, services and products to maximise their impact and return.

Financing and funding

We advise on the best mix of public and private finance – and create robust cases for investment that work for different types of funder.

With capital, innovation and R&D public funds, we can help with scoping and designing a project and writing the bid. Once funded, we can provide the support you need to make it a success, from project management to research design to commercial strategy.

With private finance, we advise on your product roadmap and go-to-market strategy, investor documentation, pitching and negotiating the deal.

We can help you put in place appropriate corporate and governance structures.

Case studies