Digital innovation

Innovation is about more than technology.

We help you use digital to achieve your goals – generate new revenues, improve reach and engage audiences with fresh experiences.

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Getting value from data

Creative and cultural enterprises thrive on connecting people and sharing knowledge – developing relationships with artists and partners, reaching out to audiences, and sharing new art and content.

We help you make the data which underpins these interactions easy to access, share and understand – ultimately turning it into a strategic asset.

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Getting value from creative assets

For many arts organisations the digital capture and distribution of content is still a new and untested area.

We help you to turn your content into valuable assets – that can reach new audiences and generate additional revenues.

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Reach, relevance and resilience are inseparable.

In helping you become more resilient, we connect them – in your strategies and plans, programme delivery, ways of working and the minds of those that deliver them.

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6 June 2019, John Denton

The arts, culture and the creative industries have always been leaders in creativity – but now, with ever reducing public funding, many organisations are thinking about how to create new reven...

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24 April 2019, John Denton

ACE opens their small capex grant programme offering grants up to £499,999 to support capital expenditure – with a focus on supporting digital investment as well as other capital projects. Fi...

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23 April 2019, John Denton

We are putting together a bid to Arts Council England (ACE) under the Small Capital Grants fund with a consortium of arts and cultural organisations to fund their Customer Relationship Managem...

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18 October 2018, Richard Leeming

We know only too well that one factor holding back the organisations we work with from realising their digital ambitions is a lack of money. That’s why we’re really excited to learn about The...

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