R&D funding and support

As the saying goes, “it wouldn’t be called research if we knew what we were doing.” And sometimes you need a little help along the way...

At Golant Media Ventures, we are experienced in working in partnership with organisations through every stage of the R&D process, from designing the work through project delivery. We know that getting funding is about more than putting words on paper – it requires creating a vision and a realistic plan for implementation. Once your project is funded, we can provide the experience and skills you need to make it a success.

We can help you with...

Funding approach

  • Identifying funding sources 
  • Getting the right mix of public, social impact and private funding

Developing the project 

  • Options for innovation and R&D that fit your organisational strategy
  • Product proposition and functionality – and users’ experience of it
  • Project methodology – research, development, design, testing, project plan, budget and spending profile
  • Business model – intellectual property strategy, commercialisation plan, market scoping, routes to market, sustainability
  • Partnerships, collaborations and filling skills gaps

Making the case

  • Defining the scope of your project in relationship to the funding parameters
  • Finding evidence for the opportunity – including existing and new target audiences and markets
  • Demonstrating innovation and wider social/economic benefits
  • Crafting the text of a bid or proposal

Delivering the project

  • Initiation – collaboration agreements, IP ownership and other commercial terms
  • Project and reporting management
  • Exploitation and IPR strategy
  • Design management – user experience, user research, performance measurement

For more information about what we can offer, take a look at these case studies:

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