Getting value from creative assets, from capture to distribution

"GMV... helped senior management across the RSC identify new opportunities, streamline business processes and better manage and exploit our intellectual property." Liz Thompson, Director of Communications

People have rapidly adopted mobile and tablet, social media and video. Their expectations are changing as a result. We can help you make sense of those expectations - and keep pace with them by developing the confidence and ability to exploit your content effectively.

We start by helping you review your creative outputs, both existing and potential, and identify the opportunities to turn these into valuable assets.

Where you have existing content, we can help you understand what you hold, streamline the ways you manage it, and create new propositions and business models based on it. A piece of content by itself has little value. We focus on developing the surrounding business processes, rights knowledge, information standards and overall approach necessary to turn it into an asset.

Where you are creating new content, we assess the latest capture approaches and the most effective channels and platforms to use for distribution.

GMV’s work is user-centered, looking at who the audience is, the kind of experience that engages them and the most effective platforms and channels to use. We have found that it might not be appropriate to capture every performance and that your audience is best reached in multiple ways.

We identify any technical support required, assist you in assessing solutions, and can partner with you to create immersive experiences using digital media via live-streaming, mobile and VR platforms. We guide you through the IP and rights issues to ensure that you can exploit your creations effectively and develop the associated cost and business models to underpin them

All these strands are brought together in an overarching digital policy and plan that facilitates the practical delivery of your creative and commercial ambitions.

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