Digital innovation

"Golant Media Ventures helped us probe the real reasons people use digital technology. They provided a comprehensive framework for analysing diverse voices, giving us a business case for mobile engagement along with a cost-saving path to realising it." Ali Hossaini, CEO, Cinema Arts Network

Digital innovation is about generating value – for you, your audiences, and your partners and funders.

We can help you realise the benefits of digital innovation by developing new capabilities alongside new technology. Digital is not a vertical: it must be integrated across the organisation as a whole.

We have acted as a trusted partner to many organisations – including the Royal Shakespeare Company, Artsadmin and the Royal Opera House – as they used digital innovation to support their mission and creative aspirations. Nesta commissioned us to report on the state-of-the-art in digital innovation in the arts.

Opportunities For Digital Innovation

We can help you to:

  • Write and implement digital strategies and plans 
  • Create new propositions, products and services
  • Identify and realise opportunities to reach new audiences through digital channels
  • Develop, capture and distribute new creative works using cutting edge approaches (including event cinema, VR and audioscapes)
  • Manage digital assets – creative content, communications and archives – to enable re-use, access, and revenue generation


  • Reaching and engaging broader and more diverse audiences
  • New and diversified funding and revenue streams
  • More resilient, robust organisation
  • Enhanced reputation for innovation and leadership

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