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Think entrepreneurial, be resilient and sustainable

In a world of shrinking and competitive funding, you need to ensure your organisation is making the most of its content and other assets and that your business models are appropriate and sustainable.

You need business models that enable you to fully exploit your creative work and associated activities to reach wider audiences and maximise revenues and funding.

We can help you to:

  • develop models for filmed performance including business models and distribution strategies;
  • understand how your intangible assets can generate public value and new revenues;
  • design business models that work for your creative projects, your buildings and your digital estate;
  • identify and understand how to unlock new funding streams from both the public and private sectors.

Some of our work in this area:

Digital content and experiences 

The world is moving rapidly towards mobile and tablet, social media and video. Customer expectations are changing and organisations need to understand them - and keep pace.

Digital that is not siloed as a separate activity but integrated across the organisation can enhance creative practice, audience reach and engagement - as well as sustainability.

Managing your digital assets – creative content, communications and archives – enables re-use, access and, potentially, revenue generation.

We can help you to:

  • develop digital policies and plans including for funding proposals and ACE NPO applications;
  • identify and realise opportunities for digital exploitation to reach new audiences;
  • realise the benefits of better managing digital assets through organisational change (it’s mainly not about technology!);
  • develop new creative works and ways to engage people and enhance their experiences using digital media including film and VR.

Some of our work in this area:

Data capable and confident

Data is important but knowing what data to collect, how best to do that and how best to use it is not always easy.

By joining up your data and capturing knowledge you can radically improve the way you work internally and with partners. 

We can help you to:

  • devise and implement data sharing agreements that work for you, your audiences and partners;
  • transform your relationships with all the different people you serve and work with, not just audiences - through personal data;
  • make better decisions through insights into audiences and hard data on how your organisation is performing.

Some of our work in this area:

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