Cornwall Council - digital strategy for Kresen Kernow

We were commissioned by Cornwall Council to create a digital strategy for Kresen Kernow, a new archive centre for Cornwall which will bring together collections from across the county in a single space functioning as an archive, library, learning space and visitor attraction.

Public consultations

We undertook consultations with both internal and external stakeholders – multiple audiences with differing needs and expectations – including Council staff, local museums and heritage attractions, genealogists and historians, educators and others. Our work helped to elicit and develop shared aspirations, building a sense of ownership and investment in Kresen Kernow.

Market research

Our market research identified both direct and indirect competitors and determined how Kresen Kernow could be positioned within the wider context of the heritage sector in Cornwall.

User experience and delivery

A user-centred design approach informed our recommendations on developing audiences and driving engagement with Kresen Kernow’s diverse collections. We also advised on delivery options, project planning and costs.

We brought a wide, evidence-based perspective on digital, bringing insights from other sectors and projects to inform our work with Kresen Kernow.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

We modelled potential future revenue, including identifying a range of revenue generation opportunities, and advised on long-term plans and sustainability. Working alongside other specialist consultants, we helped the Kresen Kernow team to create an overall business plan that was informed by the digital strategy.


Working collaboratively, we took a complex project with multiple stakeholders and created a clear, relevant strategy that enabled Kresen Kernow to move forward successfully with its round two Heritage Lottery Fund bid.

In August 2015 Kresen Kernow received £11.7m in round two HLF funding.