Burst Insights - finance for a commercial social video analytics platform

"With a decade in the PR industry, I found GMV’s experience and writing capabilities essential to helping us communicate a compelling and technically accomplished bid application.” Simon Bibby, Co-Founder

We’re supporting Burst Insights – a company providing brands and agencies with insights on the performance of their short-form social video – to secure finance based on their technical and commercial innovation.

We started working together in 2015, assisting with their first R&D tax credit claim – describing the technical innovation in the development of their platform and datasets; identifying the full costs across the organisation of this Research & Development; and ensuring that their accountant was happy to submit it.

Burst Insights had their claim approved within two months without any inquiries from HMRC and received £21,000 in tax credits – money that was essential to the running of their business and continued development of their social video intelligence platform.

“GMV’s involvement introduced a level of rigour, scrutiny and detail to our business planning that is now a company-wide standard.” Mike Litman, CEO

Burst Insights contacted us again to support their work on a bid to Innovate UK for a Smart Grant, using our own templates and training materials – alongside proactive mentoring – to help them understand how to address each question with concise answers.

Our knowledge of bidding for and managing similar projects helped Burst Insights’ founders to shape their disruptive product idea into a project that could be realised and brought to market through the R&D project, with specific research and development methodologies and fully scoped out budgets and time phased delivery plans.

In structuring and drafting an assessment of the market size, the nature of the competition, exploitation routes and growth potential, we’ve helped make the case for private financiers and public funders alike to invest.

"Securing public funding will help us more successfully leverage private finance. The thinking we’ve developed through this has already improved the documentation required to secure future private funding." Mike Litman, CEO