British Film Institute – opportunity review for commercial learning services

"GMV provided a structured way to evaluate and compare different commercial opportunities. They met every expectation in terms of the depth of research and analysis they provided – allowing us to make decisions based on evidence." Edward Humphrey, Director of Digital

We were asked to lead an opportunity review for commercial learning and educational services, focusing on digital and international opportunities – in collaboration with BOP Consulting.

With funding for public bodies and cultural organisations diminishing, the BFI wanted to take a fresh look at how to generate additional revenues in this area. We considered the full range of potential ‘business assets’ from still and moving image content, archives and publications on the one hand to brands, reputation, relationships and expertise on the other.

Working with the directors of education, digital and audiences and team members across the organisation, we took more than a dozen ideas and, for each, honed its proposition, sized the potential market opportunity and considered how the BFI – often with others – would deliver it.

From the inside it’s difficult to tell what’s most valuable – or feasible. We brought a fresh perspective, discovering hidden value that hadn’t been immediately apparent – and tested, using our proprietary value chain mapping, how that value could be realised in the market.

The result was well-defined commercial opportunities for the three frontrunners so that limited resources could be focused on these. The team are developing them using the easy-to-understand business models and market research we created.

Perhaps as importantly, the BFI are able to carry on using the innovation tools and approaches we shared – taking ideas through to be well-defined propositions and managing a very diverse mix of propositions as a ‘portfolio’ that hangs together.

"The Golant team were refreshingly honest in their assessment of which options best suited our capabilities." Richard Shaw, Director of Marketing, Communications and Audiences