Arithmetica - imaging product strategy and launch

Arithmetica are the scientific software technology spin-out from the film and TV facilities TX Group based in Shepperton backed by private equity firm HWH Investments.

GMV were retained by HWH Investments to work with Arithmetica’s board, sales and development teams to:

  • Help articulate a vision for the company that differentiates it in the market
  • Set up new sales processes
  • Develop and deliver press and marketing activity for the company’s Spherevision 360˚ video technologies
  • Create the product strategy for Pointfuse™, a new family of point cloud processing solutions.

For Pointfuse™ we:

  • Conducted market research to determine positioning in the built environment, serious games and simulations, intelligent mapping, security and transport markets
  • Secured trademark protection and supported patent applications
  • Benchmarked the benefits of Pointfuse™ over alternatives to inform its pricing strategy
  • Developed the brand concept, naming, identity, tone of voice and messaging
  • Planned, managed and delivered press and marketing communications for the product launch
  • Designed, managed and built the cloud web application and marketing site at

“We at Arithmetica regarded the GMV team as part of our family. They gave us all the strategy, research and comms we need – on demand. They enabled us to turn our amazing inventions into exploitable products, brands and intellectual property.” Jon Boyce, Managing Director, Arithmetica


 Arithmetica1 Pointfuselogo


Hmh Investments

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