Building resilience and agility

Everyone wants to innovate and realise the opportunities of digital.

We help you work out how to generate new revenues and reach new audiences and design the distribution models and organisational capability to deliver this successfully.

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Content + Discovery = Added Value

You've got access to great content but is its value fully realised?

We help media owners, platforms and archives devise new entertainment or cultural propositions and reusable formats – and the creative, technical and business solutions required to launch them.

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Public funding and private financing

Securing funding for innovation or creative ideas is tough.

We help you be ‘investment ready’ by developing and positioning your proposition and designing its business model – and then work out which private financiers or funders to pitch or bid it to and how.

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1 September 2014, Patrick Towell

Just before everyone fled London to go on holiday, I spoke at an event about innovation in the financial services sector designed by knowledge management whizz Victoria Ward and the r...

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3 July 2014, Mandy Berry

GMV and Media-sauce ran a one-day workshop to uncover opportunities, potential revenue streams and next steps for 12 Creativeworks London funded projects, ranging dance to visual art and ...

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3 July 2014, Patrick Towell

One of the East End of London’s favourite venues, the Hackney Empire has retained Golant Media Ventures to advise on innovation. This includes new ways to exploit digital technologies a...

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12 June 2014, Patrick Towell

GMV was commissioned by the Chief Economist of the Intellectual Property Office of the UK government to provide an initial review of: key characteristics of markets in IP which can be ef...

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