Building resilience and agility

Innovation is about more than technology.

We help you work out how to generate new revenues and reach new audiences and design the distribution models and organisational capability to deliver this successfully.

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Getting value from your creativity

You've got access to great content but is its value fully realised?

We help media owners, platforms and archives devise new entertainment or cultural propositions and reusable formats – and the creative, technical and business solutions required to exploit them.

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Getting value from data

Data can be a strategic asset – if it's properly managed.

We help you confidently create, manage and ask intelligent questions of data, and use it to realise your creative and commercial ambitions.

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Public funding and private financing

Securing funding for innovation or creative ideas is tough.

We help you be ‘investment ready’ by developing and positioning your proposition and designing its business model – and then work out which private financiers or funders to pitch or bid it to and how.

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30 January 2017, Mandy Berry

Cinegi, GMV’s spinout digital film distribution company, has launched its Arts&Film service making theatre, music, ballet, dance and opera available to all kinds of venues across the UK. A...

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24 November 2016, Elizabeth Cochrane

The Royal Opera House is a particularly complex organisation. It is the home for two orchestras and a ballet company, and the company's iconic London venue is in itself a major project to run!...

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31 October 2016, Elizabeth Cochrane

Turning relationships and activities into powerful, actionable information Having spent several months envisaging a data strategy for its organisation, Artsadmin is now working to map thi...

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12 October 2016, Mandy Berry

GMV’s spinout company Cinegi Media has been awarded a grant by Arts Council England to test how a digital distribution service can bring arts and cultural content, alongside BFI programming, t...

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