3 RsReach, relevance and resilience are inseparable. In helping you become more resilient, we connect them – in your strategies and plans, programme delivery, ways of working and the minds of those that deliver them. And help your resilience be driven by those that benefit from your work.

Resilience depends on reaching people and providing experiences, services and products that are relevant to them. But without resilience you don’t get continued, long term achievement of reach and relevance (and thereby mission). And you don’t automatically get to be resilient just by having artistic excellence experienced by many whilst delivering on your bold mission (however much it feels like you should!).

Arts, culture and heritage organisations tend to be adept in driving these 3 Rs by mission, artistic/curatorial vision and cultural funder priorities. We complement this by also looking through other lenses:

  • People – customers, audiences, visitors, participants et al… across all your experiences, services and products, not just public events or activities
  • Financial – through a business model with a mix of earned income, funding and creating assets that themselves will generate money and other value over time
  • Wider funding and policy – beyond the traditional arts, culture and heritage revenue funders to innovation, third sector, economic, technology, social impact, tourism, wellbeing…

3rs Financial Centre    3rs People Centre    3rs People Centre

We can help you:

  1. Benchmark your resilience – diagnose challenges as well as measure success
  2. Improve your resilience – optimise your existing model and reduce risks through the smart application of insight and market intelligence
  3. Respond to opportunities – new things you can do, new people you can reach etc
  4. Implement change – in relationships with your public, governance, business plans, people, processes and systems 
  5. Build capacity – to continue to innovate, change and focus – from evidence

Benefits include:

  • Knowing what you can do to improve your resilience
  • Growth in revenues – and improving their mix and/or focus
  • Growth in funding – finding new sources and strengthening case for existing funders
  • Increased reach, increased relevance – more meaningful engagement through knowing audiences, customers… better
  • Having clear route map for change that feels doable and which everyone understands
  • New competence and confidence – in enterprise, strategic planning, research, public engagement…

We’ve been around the block with resilience:

  • GMV advises on and practically supports resilience in cultural organisations on behalf of Arts Council Wales and Arts Council England and directly 
  • The Audience Agency (TAA), GMV’s parent organisation, understands the pressures and challenges facing the sector from advising and supporting wide range of organisations as well as delivering nationally strategic projects such as Audience Finder 
  • Together, we did the biggest ever study of resilience in the cultural sector for Arts Council England alongside their strategy review 2020-2030