Content + Discovery = Value

Creating new value for media owners, platforms and archives of all kinds – including broadcasters, production companies, brands and cultural organisations

You can increase value of your content through:

  • making it more visible and discoverable 
  • giving it fresh context
  • improving links into social media and other online content 
  • reaching and holding on to more users and customers

and devising the optimal combination of spend, attention and data from users to monetise these.

Content + Discovery = Value is the design process that helps you realise new value in content you already have or are developing – in new entertainment and cultural propositions and new and reusable media formats.

After designing new offerings, in Content + Discovery = Value we help you exploit them through:

  • working out options for realising user experience and content delivery 
  • enabling you to reuse existing systems, resources and ways of working 
  • helping you select new technologies, procure new suppliers and build new capabilities.