Young Vic – business case for in-venue digital touchpoints

"Golant Media Ventures helped us probe the real reasons people use digital technology. They provided a comprehensive framework for analysing diverse voices, giving us a business case for mobile engagement along with a cost-saving path to realising it." Ali Hossaini, CEO, Cinema Arts Network

Working with Ali Hossaini and the Cinema Arts Network, we were asked to produce a business case for investment in increased bandwidth and a captive Wi-Fi portal for the Young Vic.

Through tracing user journeys and behaviours – considering visitors to the café and building equally alongside audience members – we modelled the benefits of engaging visitors through digital signage and a captive Wi-Fi portal:

  • Better visitor experience
  • Data capture/deepening and strengthening relationships 
  • Cross-selling to drive shop, membership, and ticket sales

Our work emphasised the importance of providing quality content to visitors via these touchpoints, increasing dwell time, engagement and cross-selling opportunities without making them feel ‘marketed at'.

Along the way we questioned assumptions. Would in-venue digital touchpoints increase ticket sales? Perhaps not, with a box office located just steps away – particularly since most shows sold out anyway. Instead it became clear that deepening relationships with visitors would increase repeat sales and lead to earlier sell-outs – while improving cashflow, retaining high occupancy, and allowing a reduced marketing spend.

We produced a business case with a quantitative forecast of expected benefits from in-venue digital – giving the Young Vic the assurance that investment in engaging visitors could also make sound business sense.