Sparknow – developing a strategy for Intellectual Property

“GMV provided a tailored training solution to support Sparknow in getting a grounding in principles and practice for managing intellectual property strategically. This played a useful role in helping us shape our overall strategy and growth plan for this chapter of the Sparknow story. Personally, I found that GMV were helpful and creative thinking partners to us as a business.” Fiona Hiscocks, Director, Sparknow

Sparknow are established pioneers of organisational change. In 2015 the company shifted strategic direction to move from experimental multidisciplinary collaboration to deliver creative and rigorous approaches to solving intractable cultural problems. The company also moved into an ambitious new growth phase. The new direction seeks to build and leverage a structured knowledge base with tiered access to the Sparknow method, knowledge assets and expertise. This involved a rethink of the way the firm goes about recording and codifying knowledge.

GMV worked as thinking partners to the Sparknow team. In particular we delivered two pieces of value:
1. in helping Sparknow work through how to package assets to create products, and
2. in guiding on a structured process for one of the team who was leaving to document her deep experience and make it reusable after she’d left.

As thinking partners we also worked with them to play with the ranges between bespoke and off the shelf and think through how to maintain the integrity of bespoke solutions with a more commoditised approach. And we provided stimulus towards thinking through different revenue-generating models, e.g. licensing, to help monetise the rich intellectual property that has been built over nearly 20 years.