Ravensbourne College - experience design

Building capability in experience & service design

GMV's Patrick Towell was the first to deliver a new module of Experience and Service Design for mid-career professionals and recent graduates for London's premier digital media and design university sector college Ravensbourne. 

Patrick shared some of the GMV's design methods, including:

  • Mapping customer journeys across touchpoints with services and associated communication, digital and in the real world
  • Relating the goals of the organisation designing a service, their users and other stakeholders in the supply chain
  • Driving experiences by the users' emotional, psychological and informational needs served by user experiences.

Participants learnt how to:

  • Create the business case for using experience or service design in near-market research and development
  • Devise the way that market and user research would steer the development of a product
  • Craft propositions for new offerings that are meaningful and inspiring rather than just functional.

To demonstrate their newfound skills, participants were evaluated in dragon’s den – simulating how they would secure backing from corporate sponsors, investors or public funders to get their own projects and businesses off the ground.

If you’re interested in mentoring to individuals or developing capability across an organisation in experience and service design, please do get in touch.

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