Innovation from co-design and data in the UK’s Creative Industries

“The consumer has to win, otherwise we’re dead in the water commercially.”

"Brands have problems in collaborative conversations with customers because companies tend to be ‘gobby'."

CiktnThe Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network (CIKTN) commissioned us to gaze into the future of innovation driven by data and co-design. The result was a map of opportunities for UK creative businesses and cultural organisations out to 2016.

The project drew more than 100 people from the UK's creative and cultural enterprises, academia and policy makers. More than 80% rated the events excellent or very good and 30% were new to CIKTN events. Participants went away with new ideas for their organisations. And there was an increase in applications for innovation funding around data and collaborative research.

The resulting reports captured:

  • the state of play of innovation in the creative and cultural sectors
  • barriers to gaining more value from data and relationships with users
  • how to best design new creative offerings with data and users
  • specific market opportunities for new or improved products and services.

We still use them today. And so can you…

Final report Shutterstock 185753000 Baseline

CIKTN is now the Creative Industries community, part of the Knowledge Transfer Network, funded by the UK government’s Technology Strategy Board.