FAROE and Jugglit - cross-media discovery and optimisation

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FAROE - cross-media discovery and recommendation engine optimising revenues from associating music and editorial content with film

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Jugglit - cross-media discovery application for smartphones

"I'd recommend GMV wholeheartedly for companies wanting:
- a very skilled and experienced view on the media/arts space
- to think years beyond where the market is currently
- a mix of doers and thinkers that can get alongside you and drive change
- persistence and problem-solving ability in bucketloads!" Andrew Davies, Co-Founder, Idio

These collaborative applied research projects resulted from successful bids to the Technology Strategy Board where the GMV team led the development of the bid, the product vision and the building of the consortia.

Partners included the Guardian's digital agency and optimisation teams, semantic personlisation and matching platform Idio, music metadata specialists Decibel and Ribot user experience studio.

Product development was driven by our research – and research undertaken by the Guardian that we designed – on consumer behaviours in choosing content, semantic web and linked data and taste profiling.

The projects developed and tested prototypes to:

  • use rich metadata and an information architecture specifically designed to allow crosswalks between media types
  • reveal both structured and serendipitous discovery of content
  • allow users to explore a personalised journey of film, TV, music, ebooks and editorial content
  • develop loyalty and opportunities to monetise engagement at different points of the user journey.

Idio and Decibel have taken the learnings from FAROE and Jugglit and integrated them into their core products: with Idio increasingly using the ontology based approach espoused by FAROE in its content marketing platform; and Decibel emphasising discovery and recommendation within its music metadata proposition. Here at GMV, we are directly using the methods and research from the projects in helping clients and partners develop new entertainment and cultural propositions. For more see Content + Discovery = Value.

For Idio in particular the spin-off benefits from learning how to secure public financing were immense. As a result of these two projects – and other grants from the TSB coming out of them – Idio raised around £500k.

"TSB grants made a huge impact on our business. Without them we would have been a year or so behind where we are today. GMV’s support made us willing and able to secure this kind of funding for the first time." Co-Founder, Andrew Davies

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