Artsadmin - creating a vision for data

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“Working with Golant Media Ventures enabled us to see the potential for data to enhance the relationships which are central to achieving our creative ambitions and being economically sustainable.” Jennifer Tomkins, Head of Marketing and Development

We were commissioned by the Head of Marketing and Development at Artsadmin to advise on how they could better work with data across the organisation. In order to become fully data-capable, they needed to think about how to use it to realise their own creative and commercial ambitions.

Surveyed current use of data

We reported on how data is gathered, processed and stored across Artsadmin, identifying inefficiencies, bottlenecks and gaps between systems, as well offering initial practical recommendations for improvement.

Explored ways of measuring performance

Innovation that’s data-driven requires asking the right questions and, as a result, gathering the right data to support your decisions. We helped Artsadmin staff brainstorm ways of best using data to measure their success at reaching organisational goals.

Protoyped dashboards

It’s difficult to achieve organisational change without a clear vision of what can be achieved. We created sample dashboards for productions, users and user segments demonstrating how a new approach to data could help maximise the value of relationships to audiences and users.

Contributed to the case for change

Having helped the Marketing department create a vision for data, we advised on ways to work with stakeholders — both staff and board — to make it a reality.

Six months on, Arts Admin and GMV turned the ideas in the data strategy into a concrete project which won funding from Arts Council England as part of their small capital grants programme. We are looking forward to helping Artsadmin take their next steps with data.