Welcoming our new digital and content strategist

23 July 2017, Patrick Towell

Richard Leeming Photo

We’re delighted that Richard Leeming is joining the Golant Media Ventures team as a Digital and Content strategist. He’ll help our clients work how to use their amazing assets to tell the stories that their audiences want to hear.

One of the important things that Richard learned from his early career as a journalist is that the story always starts with the audience. It’s the same in digital. Technology is only ever the means, not the end.

Richard was one of the first people in the BBC to realise the transformative power of digital technologies. From being part of the launch team of the BBC’s ground-breaking news website in 1997 he’s worked with every new digital technology that’s come along, working out how to use it to create editorial products and services that people like using.

Here’s just a few examples of where Richard’s innovative editorial thinking crossed over with digital technology to create things that people really liked:

  • Recognising that the web is an inherently live medium and starting cricket coverage on the BBC news website
  • Persuading BBC One that a programme trying to reunite missing people needed more than just a digital brochure. By using message boards the website was able to reunite as many people as all the TV and radio programmes put together.
  • Working out that you had to change the way you shot and edited video if it was going to work on small screens and writing the BBC’s first a/v production guidelines.
  • Understanding the transformative power of social media and persuading the BBC that they needed to be on Facebook and YouTube, not ignoring it.
  • Bringing a dead Austrian composer back to life on Twitter for Radio 3 so he could chat to on-air presenters in real time.

His last job for the BBC was leading on External Relations for the Research and Education Space, an innovative platform built in partnership with JISC and Learning on Screen. RES is a data aggregation platform which was designed to enable teachers and students to get much easier access to digital assets held by cultural institutions. Richard evangelised for the platform across the cultural sector persuading institutions like the British Museum, the British Library, the Wordsworth Trust, the Open University and many others to publish their data in the right format. He also worked with companies in the EdTech sector to help them build things using RES.

Since leaving the BBC he’s been advising Waterloo200 on how to best use VR and AR, what can be achieved with live video streaming, 3D modelling and digital making. He’s also worked with ArtUK on how to ensure their website best serves their users.

If you want to find out what Richard can do for you, get in touch.

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