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17 August 2017, Sophia Woodley

Is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) keeping you up at night? Join Golant Media Ventures and Digital Catapult for an afternoon workshop to develop a practical vision-driven roadmap to prepare for May 2018 – and learn how you can benefit from GDPR.

Coming into force in May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation is a response to fundamental changes in the personal data landscape:

  • Increasingly powerful big data and AI, and increasingly dominant platforms – personal data is joined up across multiple touchpoints and extensive profiling is commonplace 
  • High-profile abuses and breaches of personal data – data protection must be as much about security as it is about privacy
  • A philosophical shift – personal data is now seen as belonging to the individual, rather than the organisation that holds it

GDPR will mean much stricter regulation of the way you capture, manage and use personal data, with major sanctions for non-compliance. It will require you to make your use of personal data transparent, secure consent for its ongoing use, and enable data to be portable. Even after Brexit, it will be impossible for UK companies to ignore the obligations it represents, as they are being enshrined in UK law.

But it’s time to stop worrying about the risk and consider the opportunities. Significantly strengthening the principles of informed consent and transparency, the GDPR offers you a new and powerful opportunity to deepen relationships with audiences and customers based on trust and value exchange.

Why you should come

This workshop will dispel myths about GDPR and help you develop your approach beyond basic compliance. It will encourage a vision-driven and positive strategy, recognising that the data you hold is as valuable as other kinds of intellectual property.

It will demonstrate how you can use the principles of GDPR to:

  • Improve engagement and deepen relationships
  • Personalise experiences 
  • Remove friction from existing transactions

You will have the chance to collaboratively work through solutions to the real issues facing you and other attendees.

Who should attend?

This workshop focuses on the implications of the GDPR for creative and digital enterprises – such as traditional media, broadcasters and publishers; content and information platforms and aggregators; and arts, culture and heritage organisations.

Getting ready for GDPR requires executive-level sponsorship and governance. Aimed at leaders and senior managers, the workshop will focus on creating a vision for personal data which can then be implemented in operations and systems.

Event info

Presenters will include Patrick Towell of Golant Media Ventures, David Alexander of Mydex CIC and Kathryn Geels of Digital Catapult.

A detailed agenda will be posted soon. This event is supported by Digital Catapult.

Register your place today . There will be a charge of £15 + VAT to cover the included lunch.

5th October 2017 from 1pm to 5pm

Digital Catapult Centre
101 Euston Road
London, NW1 2RA

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