Developing Business Innovation in the Creative Industries

Programme offered by GMV with Media-Sauce

The Challenge­ Advances in technology have disrupted the creative marketplace. What customers value, expect and will pay for has changed and companies who don’t evaluate and adapt their existing business models can lose their relevance. Business model innovation is an emerging field and its growth can be charted with the growth of the internet but training and workshops around this specialism, within the creative sector, are very limited.

Our programme The aim of our programme is to improve a company’s business competencies, income generation, business innovation by focussing on business modelling and overriding strategy. The programme has been specifically designed for the needs of the creative and digital industries and is based on the learnings from Mel Norman’s tenure as Theme Champion for Business Models and Growth for Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network. For a copy of the learnings email

Our method is collaborative, jargon-free and puts the creativity back into business by using design thinking and proven strategies to tweak or redesign a company. We mix the benefits of consulting with the interactivity of workshops to provide peer-to-peer learning, collaboration, a deeper level of learning, with the addition of 1­2­1 sessions to further embed the learning.

Key themes

  • Business modelling­ Map the company’s current
business model, products/services and content, understand its strengths and weakness and define its value proposition. Apply this to redesign and test its business model.
  • Strategy­ Examine ways to position the company in the market place ­ where it fits in the value chain and how to reach the ‘non­customers’.
  • Transformational management­ Mquip senior management with the skills to create a transformational plan, identify any skills gaps within the organisation and achieve organisational buy in.
  • Sales and growth­ Developing a sales strategy and process to implement the changes and to sell them to their customers.
  • Uncovering and exploitation of assets (IP and physical)­ Developing and analysing new revenue streams, value propositions, including residual streams of income.

The benefits

  • Growth in revenues and reduced costs.
  • Development of resilient, agile companies that have the skills to survive current 
and future disruption.
  • Enabling a company to move into new markets and/or expansion in their primary market place.
    Build new revenue streams from existing products or services and the creation of new products and services.
  • Contributes to cluster growth.
  • Increases collaboration across companies.
  • Learnings can be replicated and disseminated to help support the development of resilient companies in other parts of England.

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