Cinegi Arts&Film launched

30 January 2017, Mandy Berry

Cinegi, GMV’s spinout digital film distribution company, has launched its Arts&Film service making theatre, music, ballet, dance and opera available to all kinds of venues across the UK. Arts Council England is supporting Cinegi Arts&Film as an action research project to test how such ‘alternative’ distribution can bring such content to new and wider audiences as a shared experience in non cinema venues.

From village hall to pub, from arts centre to library, in towns and remote villages, venues can screen content from major arts organisations such as the Royal Opera House, the Royal Shakespeare Company, National Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe and smaller companies like Miracle Theatre from Cornwall, alongside content from Britain on Film and archive arts and documentary titles from the BFI. The service makes high quality, legal public screenings easy and works as a download over standard broadband and the public Internet.

Cinegi Arts&Film embodies GMV’s focus on designing new services around the experiences of audiences, finding the best ways of connecting and engaging people with content and working in partnership with funders, rightsholders and technology partners.

Arts organisations are looking to becoming more entrepreneurial in order to be sustainable and resilient. New platforms and channels can give extended life to their live content – and can play a part in developing robust business models. Cinegi Arts&Film will provide such rightsholders with a means of reaching beyond their current audiences and possibly the potential for new revenue streams that can be part of their content exploitation mix. It will be acquiring more content on a regular basis.

Whilst Cinegi Arts&Film has been busy building its digital distribution offer for the arts, GMV has been working with organisations on how best to capture and distribute content – and new business models that encompass digital and hybrid funding.

Cinegi Arts&Film will research important questions such as what are the key success factors that enable local venues to build audiences for screened arts performances and how are audiences engaged by different types of content. The research will have a particular focus on areas of engagement. Its research partner is The Audience Agency with Nesta (see their blogpost).

You can find out more about Cinegi Arts&Film here.

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