April deadline approaching for EU innovation funding

3 February 2016, Sophia Woodley

April is on the way soon – and with it, on 12 April, deadlines for some very interesting Horizon 2020 calls...

ICT-21-2016: Support technology transfer to the creative industries 

‘Actions should support creative industries SMEs in leveraging emerging ICT technologies for the development of innovative products, tools, applications and services with high commercial potential.’ 

ICT-22-2016: Technologies for Learning and Skills 

‘The challenge is to create an innovation ecosystem that will facilitate open, more effective and efficient co-design, co-creation, and use of digital content, tools and services for personalised learning and teaching.’ 

ICT-24-2016: Gaming and gamification 

‘Technology transfer through small scale experiments on developing and validating open gaming technologies and mechanics including from sectors other than the gaming industry into non-leisure situations and scenarios for training and motivational purposes.’ 

You might be eligible for one of these calls even if you don’t think of yourself as fitting narrowly into the education or gaming sectors – or even if you don’t fit into the technology sector.

For example, ICT-21-2016 (Support technology transfer to the creative industries) is aimed at SMEs across the creative industries, seeking to provide them with new technological solutions to fill their needs and increase competitiveness.

ICT-24-2016 (Gaming and gamification) envisions participation from ‘researchers from social science disciplines and the humanities, publishers, educational intermediaries and end-users,’ applying technologies which might include ‘augmented and mixed reality, 3D audio and video, virtual worlds, interactive storytelling, narratives, modelling and data.’

Similarly ICT-22-2016 (Technologies for Learning and Skills) envisions ‘co- creation and co-evolution of knowledge and partnerships between business actors and research players, communities of users, educational and training organisations.’

As well as commercial, creative and digital companies, we believe that all three calls provide an opportunity for arts, culture and heritage organisations to contribute. Roles could include: providing or creating content, providing or creating education and training activities, and providing audiences/users.

 We have experience winning European funding and are able to support your bid in a variety of ways, including:

  • Designing the project
  • Advice on partnering – including crafting the partnership agreement to ensure that IP ownership and future exploitation options are clear
  • Co-writing the bid
  • Participating in the project itself – we can provide expertise in project management, research design, management of intellectual property, exploitation planning and routes to market

If you have some ideas that you’d like to talk through, get in touch with us at GMV – we’d be happy to schedule a chat.

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